SUNKE Is a high quality color product for interior use, available for use in all colors Whether it is a home paint job Cement foundation work Rustproof primer, wood color, spray paint, other car paint

SUNKE Acrylic Watercolor For internal and external application

Acrylic Emulsion Paint for Interior and Exterior


It is an acrylic paint that is produced from super acrylic, has a very colored texture, easy to use, does not pull out the brush to make the color smooth, does not mix chemicals and lead, enhances the quality with anti-agents.


Suitable for surface plaster, concrete, brick, tile, flat sheet Both outside and inside the building

sunke acrylic emulsion paint1
sunke gloss enamel

SUNKE High Quality Glossy

High Gloss Enamel


Is an oil color produced from ultra-fine resin Has a strong tolerance to weather conditions especially in tropical countries Can maintain the shine and freshness of the color for a long time Can prevent mold Mercury-free and lead-free Therefore safe for users


Suitable for decorating steel surfaces, metal, oily surfaces, metal surfaces, or wood surfaces that have been properly primed Both inside and outside the building such as doors, windows, furniture, machinery or bridges etc.

SUNKE Fiber Cement

Multi-Purpose Fiber-cement Shield


Is a specially developed color Suitable for all types of fiber cement, such as wood lath, lotus wood, ceiling panels, wooden eaves, synthetic flooring. And various fiber cement boards There are 2 types to choose from.


  1. Opaque: Solid color film is suitable for covering surfaces that require beautiful colors.
  2. Translucent: suitable for surfaces that require natural wood grain
sunke multi-fiber
sunke roof paintl

Multi-purpose roof paint

Roof Paint


Multi-purpose roof paint, made from acrylic, acrylic, co-polymers and high quality paint Resistant to weather And polishing to clean the beautiful color. There are many shades to choose from. Quick dry, smooth, can be washed. Or can clean by yourself Prevent mold and moss from damaging the environment. Can be used both inside and outside the building. In addition, it can be used to paint the floor, sports ground or general plaster surface.