SUNCITY Cheap color, good quality, good value for money for internal use. Available for use in all colors. Whether it is a home paint job Cement foundation work Rustproof primer, wood color, spray paint, other car paint

SUNCITY Acrylic Watercolor For internal and external application

Acrylic Emulsion Paint for Interior and Exterior


It is an acrylic paint that is produced from super acrylic, has a very colored texture, easy to use, does not pull out the brush to make the color smooth, does not mix chemicals and lead, enhances the quality with anti-agents.


Suitable for surface plaster, concrete, brick, tile, flat sheet Both outside and inside the building

suncity acrylic emulsion-1
suncity gloss enamel-1

SUNCITY High Quality Glossy

High Gloss Enamel


Is an oil produced from essential oils that are beneficial to the health of consumers in tropical areas, especially the treatment of shine and beauty. Mercury and lead are therefore safe for users.


Suitable for decorating steel surfaces, metal, oily surfaces, metal surfaces, or wood surfaces that have been properly primed Both inside and outside the building such as doors, windows, furniture, machinery or bridges etc.